Todd English Public Urban Bar…I wonder if they cook in the GreenPans?

I am lucky enough to have a job that I LOVE where I am able to offer families programs and resources that I didn’t have growing up with a parent in the military.   Through our various summer camps and deployment events, I get the opportunity hopefully make a difference in children’s lives but I also get to travel all across the State of Alabama and try new restaurants.
Not only that but I also have some amazing co-workers who are not only willing to try those new places with me but they also aren’t embarrassed when I take pictures of their food and them eating it 🙂
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^^^ My new puppy, Maggie, decided to help me write my blog 🙂 LOL
This is maggie…and where she decided to lay while I was typing this blog!  She is a long-haired miniature dachshund and she loves to chew…at this very moment she is chewing on my arm.  She has a huge personality and I am seriously considering making her very own Vine account!  She can be VINE famous! 😀
In case you aren’t familiar with Vine, this is a new social media outlet that is run by Twitter.  You can post short 6-second videos and they have an entire category just for DOGS!   Here in the Voss household…we are addicted to Vine!
Now Back to The Todd English P.U.B!!  Our most frequent stop is Birmingham.  The city of birmingham is in the process of building their all new Entertainment District! With this new entertainment district, they have already added a new Westin Hotel, which is attached to the Sheraton & The Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, as well as, the Todd English P.U.B.  Opening soon will be a Texas de Brazil and numerous other awesome places.
So myself, Kelli, Kate, Alyson, Teresa, and Charlene all decided to try the new Todd English P.U.B., which is located inside the new Westin Hotel.   Chef Todd English has his own line of GreenPans (hence the reference in the title) and is a world-renowned chef who is originally from Texas but grew up in Georgia.  Chef Todd English has many accolades along with the GreenPans,  many restaurants including Beso, a latin-inspired restaurant that he partnered with Eva Longoria to open in both LA & Las Vegas.  SO you can imagine my excitement to eat at one of his two Todd English PUB locations.
We didn’t really know what to expect as far as decor & atmosphere goes, but i guess the P.U.B. should have given it away!  When you walk in, the restaurant/bar has a very rustic look.  Big blocky wooden tables, a huge bar that is the centerpiece to the restaurant with a raw bar at the end of it.  They had a game room in the back of the room with a HUGE beer pong table.  You could buy ping pong balls out of a gum ball machine at the entrance.  It was pretty cool!  Along with the beer pong table, they also have a 7-second challenge, where if you can down a beer in 7-seconds…it’s free!
OH yea! AND you can ask for a table with a tab ON the table!  They will put up to 4 of your favorite beers on tap in the middle of your table!  This seems to be pretty popular these days because I have seen that twice since visiting the PUB….but that was the first time I’ve seen it!
We were quickly seated (at a non-tap table) and we had an awesome view of the rest of the up and coming entertainment district through the wall of windows!   Being a P.U.B.  they carried a lot of locally brewed craft beers.  In fact, the beer menu was bigger than the food menu and when we arrived…it was STILL Happy Hour!!  During their happy hour, beers were half price as well as sliders and boy did the sliders look delicious!
One of the fun things about the joint was the placemats!  They had fun sayings about drinking and food!  My favorite one is  “Vegetarian: an old indian word for BAD HUNTER!”
SOOO We started ordering….some ladies decided to try some of the craft beers.  They ordered some FUNKY named beers, like Magic Hat, Timmerman’s Strawberry, and Good People Snake Handler…lol  Interesting to say the least.
This is one of ladies Magic Hat #9
This is their drink menu 🙂 Look at all those crazy drinks!  They also had regular milkshakes & “adult” milkshakes 🙂
This is their food menu…notice…the food menu is larger print and has less items than the beer menu! That should give you an idea of the environment…it’s a very laid back environment, not too loud, not too quiet…It was very comfortable.
I do have to say that the menu can be very confusing BUT the waitress was VERY friendly and answered all of our questions…because I most certainly bombarded her with questions before we ordered 🙂
First lets start with Kate & Teresa’s food!  They both ordered the Chicken Todd’s Tacos.  They were served with a beautiful fresh mixture of rice, black, beans, and fresh off the cob roasted corn.  Just that part had me drooling…seriously.  Then you slide to the right on the plate and you see these juicy, delicious looking chicken tacos.  They had lettuce, tomatoes, cheese…oh yea and guacamole, pico de gallo, and wit wiz (I didn’t ask what that was, so I your guess is as good as mine) I was really wishing I had ordered these…next time…I will 🙂  Kate and Teresa seemed pretty happy with Todd’s Tacos. Don’t they look amazing?!?!
ResizedImage_1373755034872 ResizedImage951373755022765
Up next is Charlene’s!  She ordered the hot wings and one of the cheeseburger sliders.  The slider looked juicy and just the right size…although…she only ordered one and for me it would have taken NO LESS than 4! 🙂  She said the hot wings were really good, it looked like they used a dry rub on them before they were fried and then the sauce was put on the side along with some ranch.  Charlene shared them with Kelli and I have to preface Kelli’s remarks with this…Kelli LOVES HOT STUFF!  If it is spicy…Kelli will eat it!  SO she really enjoyed these hot wings…she even said to me the other day “Those hot wings were GOOOOOOOOOD” lol  SO if you like spicy foods…they come highly recommended by both Charlene & Kelli.  I was really wishing I had ordered these too 🙂
For my meal, I decided to go with a classic English dish and I got the Bangers & Mash.  One of my upcoming blogs is how to make a real deal, english cottage pie and I learned to make it a couple days before we ate at the Todd English PUB…so I was in a authentic English food mood!  I have never had Bangers & Mash before and I was a little nervous about trying it but I was pleasantly surprised!  My favorite part of the dish would definitely be the sausage or “bangers”.  The skin on the sausage had a great snap when you bit into it, it wasn’t too thick or too thin.  The sausage flavor itself was very well balanced with enough of a spice to give it flavor but not too much to be overwhelming.
The mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned and the pommery sauce on top gave the dish just the right balance and flavors.  I believe that each individual item on the dish would have been great by themselves…but when I took a bite of the sausage, potatoes, and a little bit of the sauce…IT.WAS.HEAVEN!   I’m definitely putting this on my “english dishes I want to learn to make” list!
Kelli ordered the Brown Butter Lobster Roll….now I was torn between the Lobster Roll & the Bangers and Mash…and when they brought her sandwich…OH.MY.GOSH! I was regretting my decision….my food was excellent, don’t get me wrong, but aesthetically the lobster roll wins…EVERYTIME.  The Todd English PUB is not only a bar & carvery but it is also a raw bar…so we could see the lobster and all the other fresh seafood from our seats…so I know it was fresh lobster and boy did it look SUCCULENT!  The lobster roll came with a brown butter aioli, that smelled DIVINE.  Kelli said it was really good, but she’s lived up north and had a real Maine Lobster Roll and this play on it wasn’t original but it was good.
Now Alyson is a picky eater…so naturally she went with the safest item on the menu 😀 (I say that with all the love in the world) The Pub Burger! It was definitely delicious, gourmet looking hamburger!  She seemed to really enjoy it!  She also got “fatty fries” which were a lot like potato wedges.   The great thing about the menu is there are lots of different, unique items…there is also a delicious, trusty hamburger for the picky eater in your group 🙂
I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for making this suggestion for our dinner. The food was great and the atmosphere was probably the best.  A laid back environment, with unique food choices, and a GREAT selection of local brewed and popular beers.
So next time you are in Birmingham or Las Vegas, you should check out the Todd English P.U.B. for great food and a great atmosphere!  For more pictures and more information check out the Todd English P.U.B. on Facebook or their website.
In my next blog I will be featuring Dove Chocolate Discoveries!  Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate?!?!? If you’d like to check it out in advance visit the website or Facebook.

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