A Burger or Sushi…which would you prefer? Get them BOTH at Drakes!

Boy have I missed writing for you guys! It’s been crazy busy, between my day job, doing photography and a sick fur baby….it’s been a while!  However, I’m glad to be back!

My first two blog posts were about restaurants in Huntsville, AL, Kettle N Spouts & The Main Dish, they were great restaurants but have since closed.  So, I figured I should write about some more Huntsville restaurants (and hope I’m not a jinx for ALL the Huntsville establishments I write about).

My friend/coworker, Penny, told me about a place in Huntsville called Drake’s.  She said it was a great gastropub type place, great food, lots of beer on tap, and a great atmosphere.  So myself and 3 of my friends decided to check it out. Unfortunately, the pictures from our first visit went down with my last phone…argh.  The good things is, that gave me an excuse to try it again 🙂

In the spirit of needing more pictures, Kelli, Susan, and I went to Drake’s again.  We had an excellent experience the first time soo…it didn’t take much convincing  🙂    We decided to go early because the last time we visited it was pretttttty busy.

When we arrived we quickly found a seat.  Be aware, Drake’s does not have a hostess so you walk in and find your own seat.  If you are going for the first time I would go early so you don’t feel like a vulture waiting for a table and then feel like the meat when your almost done eating 🙂


Drakes has a “pub” feeling.  Actually their tag line is “It’s a restaurant that’s BIG on Beer. It’s a Bar that’s BIG on Food.”   Great tag line, RIGHT?!  Wooden benches and tables, and a big wooden bar not only on the inside of the restaurant part but the front of the restaurant would have to be the best, most inviting, part of place.  The front is made up of large garage like roll up doors that, when it’s not 30 degrees outside, are always open.  You can actually sit in the doorway of these large doors.

ON to the FOOOOOOD!!

Last time we were there they told us about their sushi place inside of their restaurant.  Bizarre right!?!?!?  Well, Kelli got the sushi and I gave her the stanky face the entire time she ate it…back then, I would not have TOUCHED sushi! This time, however, I was set on ordering some.  The sushi place within Drake’s is called Aqua.  They have a separate menu and everything.

Aqua1 Aqua2

This is the menu for Aqua.  I had to split it into two images.  🙂  As you can see, there is quite an extensive sushi menu!  We will start with the sushi and then move on to the regular food 🙂

Kelli started off with the edamame…which is just boiled soybeans with salt.  They were interesting but you pull the beans out of the shell and the shell is tossed to the side.  A bit of a waste to me but they weren’t bad.


Kelli ordered the Crab Rangoon Roll and the Spicy California Roll. She says this is the best sushi she has ever had….this coming from someone who eats sushi at least once a week.   She especially enjoyed the crab rangoon roll which is the fried roll in the picture.  The Spicy California Roll is a typical california roll with cucumber, avocado & crab wrapped is seaweed and sushi rice & sesame seeds but they add spicy mayo to the roll and according to Kelli it was spicy…and she LOVED it.The Crab Rangoon Roll is crab, cream cheese and scallion that is wrapped in sushi rice then tempura fried.  They also top it with teriyaki and a sweet chili sauce.  This picture does the crab rangoon roll NO JUSTICE.  That thing looked SO.FREAKIN.GOOD.

I was going to order that but the “sweet chili sauce” scared me because I can’t do spicy food but I will try it next time I go there.


Up next, Mrs. Susan’s Chicken Asade Tacos.   They came out with grilled chicken, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and refried beans.   The tortilla shells, cheese, and lettuce were all on the side so, kind of like fajita’s, you build your own taco.  She liked her taco’s and took what she couldn’t eat home with her.  They sure looked delicious and would definitely be something I would try.

20131213_170240 20131213_170233

For my dinner, I decided to try some sushi and get food from the regular menu…just in case…lol

From the sushi menu, I had the tempura fried california roll.  Just like kelli’s spicy california roll, this one had cucumber, avocado & crab wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice but instead of adding spicy mayo…they tempura fried it.  UMM YES PLEASE.  Who doesn’t like something tempura fried.  I mean, fried is good, but tempura batter is so light and delicious (if done right).  Not to mention I really like to say “tempura”   pronounced  tem-poooooo-da 🙂  This roll is probably one of the best sushi rolls I’ve had (not that I’ve had a whole lot) but it was flipping amazing.

I also ordered the Mini BLT’s,  slider.blt’s….seriously….delicious.  The bacon they used was perfectly cooked, crispy but not too crispy, soft but not too soft, the lettuce and tomato were fresh and the buns were perfect.  The fries were pretty awesome too…crinkle fries are always a safe bet especially if they aren’t under or over cooked.  They season them with a salt and pepper mix and they were pretty good.  They reminded me of those salt & pepper potato chips…yummy.

Overall,  we were pleased with Drake’s, both times we have visited.  Drake’s definitely gets a 5 star recommendation from me.  I believe Susan & Kelli would agree 🙂

Check them out on their website or on Facebook.  I’m sure they would be glad to have you visit!  Don’t forget to watch for my next blog.  Coming up next…Momma’s Roadhouse Grill 🙂

Also, don’t forget to comment if you like Drake’s!!

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