Burgers in a Barn….I think so :) Sheila C’s Burger Barn

Can you believe it’s 2014?

It seems like yesterday it was May 2004 and I was graduating from Clay County High School.   I remember thinking I would NEVER make it to my 10 year reunion….yet here we are and that day is quickly approaching.

In honor of the end of 2013, the hubbs and I spent the whole day together on New Years Eve.  One of his co-workers had recently told him about a burger place in Wetumpka that we needed to try so we decided to try it out.

If you are coming from Montgomery on Highway 231, just before you get to Riverside Chevorlet and Walmart you will see a small shopping center on your left named “The Village Centre” …coming from downtown Wetumpka, the shopping center will be on your right.   There is a dental office, nail place, tattoo shop and the burger joint called Sheila C’s Burger Barn.


This is the sign out front of the shopping center…if you have a hard time finding it…the roof of the buildings is RED.  You can’t miss it 🙂


When we walked in, we were instantly greeted by a very nice young lady at the window who took our order. This is the “barn” in the restaurant. The rest of the place is filled with tables and chairs.   Their whole system is pretty neat and very efficient.


The menu at Sheila C’s Burger Barn is very simple and to the point.  Burgers, HotDogs, Ham & Cheese, & a BLT plus chips & fries.  You can get different variations of those few things like a double meat burger or a hot dog with cheese.

We decided what we wanted from the menu hanging to the right of the “order here” window (which had  a sign below it that read “Eat Beef … The west wasn’t won on Salad) and placed our order.  Like I said before, their whole ordering system is neat and highly efficient.  When we placed our order, the young lady wrote our order on a white paper bag which was then used as the kitchen ticket, and to pack our food in. We were given a number and when our number was called, we would pick our bag of food up at the “pick up” window.  It really was an ingenious way to do things.  Write the order on the bag, call out the order to the cook, place the cooked items in the bag, call the number…voila.  Like I said…efficient.

While I was marveling over the adorable restaurant with it’s “barn” which housed the kitchen, the myriad of tables and chairs throughout the restaurant to choose from, and the Outdoor/Auburn (WAR EAGLE) decor…the cooked our food with lightening speed!   SO we grabbed our food and had a seat to enjoy it 🙂


The Hubbs ordered the BLT combo which came with the sandwich and fries.  The BLT was loaded with bacon, as you can see, along with lettuce and tomatoes and was served on a hamburger bun.   It was delicious and the bacon was cooked perfectly.  I’m kind of picky about my bacon, personally, it can’t be too crunchy or too soft.  It needs to have the perfect amount of crunch to it without feeling like I am breaking my teeth when I bite into it.

Hubbs really enjoyed the BLT and completely finished it off without sharing more than one small bite with me 😦


I would normally have ordered a BLT because that’s how much I love bacon, but since it is a BURGER barn…I went with the Cheeseburger combo.

Now, I don’t know about you but I judge the quality of my cheeseburger by two things…size of the patty and the amount of juice that runs down my arms while eating it 😀

By those standards, this burger passed with flying colors.  The patty was the perfect thickness. If you get a patty that’s too thick, they have a tendency to dry out, or too thin…well it’s just not enough!   This patty had neither of those problems.  It was the perfect thickness and juicy.  Not only was it a great thickness but it was an abnormally large burger and bun.  I don’t know where they get these large hamburger buns but I want some!! Although, my burgers never come out that perfect!

Both the hubbs and I got fries with our sandwiches.  They were good french fries…I mean fries are fries right?  As long as they aren’t soggy or burnt…you can’t really go wrong! 😀

The price of the food at Sheila C’s Burger Barn was great, too.  You can get a combo for about 8.00….about the same price as the Golden Arches but WAYYYYYYYY better!

You might also catch the cast/crew of the TV Show Outdoor Venture having lunch there … they seem to be big fans of Sheila C’s and even filmed a commercial for them!

Check them out on Facebook or just go by and visit them next time you are in the area!

Sheila C’s Burger Barn 4053 Old US Hwy 231 Wetumpka, AL 36092

Hours of Operation: Mon – Wed: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm & Thu – Sat: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sheila C's Burger Barn on Urbanspoon


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